NAQCC Letter Challenge App


Hams can use this app to process and report their QSO entries for A NAQCC "Challenge", a contest in which hams compete to match the letters of their QSOs' call signs to the letters in a set of published challenge words. A more detailed discussion of Notrh American region's challenges can be found at the NAQCC website's challenge page .

A more detailed discussion of the European region's challenges can be found at the European NAQCC website's challenge page .

General Rules for North American Challenge Processing

For detailed rules on how to process calls against challenge words, see the General Rules page on the NAQCC website .

The rules for European Challenges are essentially the same, except that only QSOs made with a station who was transmitting from a location within Europe at the time of the QSO may be submitted.


Any licensed amateur may register an account in the tool (clicking "Register", above)). This will set up a login account for the ham. In order to use the tool, you must be logged in (the login account identifies your challenge data in our database).

Using the Tool

Assuming you logged in to your registered account, using the tool is very easy.
  • Subscribe to a Challenge: you pick a North American or European challenge to accept from a list of available Alphabet Letter Challenges.
  • Complete your challenge:
    • Post your qualifying QSO-Calls to your challenge
    • Refresh your Challenge to update the Scorecard and view the matches
    • "Rinse and repeat" until you run out of calls or the challenge has expired
  • If you have completed at least one (1) challenge word, you can report your challenge by clicking on the appropriate button ("Report It" or "Run Report", depending on the screen), causing the app to:
    • Automatically generate a draft email report
    • (optionally) Allow you to type in Soapbox comments
    • Let you submit the email report to the contest manager (with a copy going to your email box)
    The app will not allow you to submit the challenge if you have not completed at least one challenge word.
  • Check the NAQCC website for your point and/or certificate
    (Keep in mind there is a time lag between your email sumbission and the manual posting of the results on the website.)

Additional Info

This app is based upon the spreadsheet solutions shown in the tutorial on the NAQCC Website Spreadsheet Solutions