Overview of the Letter Challenge Website App

  1. The App

    Hams can use this app to completely and accurately process their QSO-Calls for A NAQCC "Letter Challenge". See the About page for detailed instructions on how to use this app.

    It handles challenges for both regions (North American and European).

  2. Using the App

    You must have an account to use this app. The account allows us to identify and keep a record of your challenges and submissions in the database.

    If you have already registered an account in the App, please Login using your email address and password .

    If you have not yet registered an account (a one-time process) you must Register to use the app. You will need your email address, your call sign, and a password of your choice to register and set up an account.

  3. Detailed Instructions

    See the "About" page for detailed instructions on using the app